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The Ravenclaw Fic Library

more than just booksmarts

Ravenclaw Fic Library
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Created due to the mod's realisation that no, there is simply not enough Ravenclaw love in the world.

A couple of things (or, a list of rules created on the fly):

  1. This community is for Ravenclaw fanfiction. By definition this means any and all fanfiction including any Ravenclaw student and/or alumni in more or less starring roles. Het, slash, and gen are welcome and accepted. OC's are not going to be included, although any name that appears as a Ravenclaw under the HP Lexicon is fair game.

  2. Posting is for fic only, and whatever other administrative announcements that need to be said, depending upon the discretion of the mod. Any fic (or drabble, in this case) that exceeds 100 words should be placed under a cut. In posting fic, please follow these guidelines:

    For the subject line: Title, Pairing/Gen, Rating

    For the header:

    Summary (optional):
    Word Count (optional):
    Author's Notes (optional):

  3. Tags should have a) the involved Ravenclaws' full names, b) the ship (for convenience and uniformity, the names shall be arranged in alphabetical order, eg, Terry and Michael snogging will be michael/terry in the tags, and Lisa and Anthony flirting shall be anthony/lisa), and c) a note as to whether the fic is gen, slash, or het.

  4. Linking and fake cuts are allowable.

  5. Recommendations posted to the community should include only the link to the original fic and not its full content, though posting must follow the same guidelines written above. It is also advisable to inform and/or ask permission from the author of the recommended material.

  6. Flaming and spamming are not tolerated. Spamming includes the advertisement of a community, journal, or any other thing without express permission of the mod. Advertising for RPGs is, on the whole, not permissible.

  7. Regular challenges shall be given depending on community activity. Seasonal challenges and exchanges may be given as well.

  8. Interested affiliates may contact slumber.

Credit: Icons used are credited to teh_indy